Live Well

November 25, 2001

Once in a while, people come into our lives that leave an indelible mark on our personal history and truly make a difference, ultimately, in who we are today.

Sometimes, it is their character, drive, ambition or focus which challenges us to rise above the standard of life as we know it to achieve self actualization.

Others express creativity in making the ordinary, extraordinary, thereby inspiring us to delve deeply within ourselves to capture the vision in our hearts to make this world a more beautiful place.

Some are rainmakers, sharp and unafraid who make things happen when there appears to be no hope at all. They exude a burning passion for life in all they do without concern for what may come. They ignite the embers within our soul to capture the dreams, to which we hold fast, those which we never before believed we could attain.

Still others teach us to laugh at ourselves, to look at the flipside of life and in one way or another, we appreciate all that is there. These are the ones who breathe life into our spirits and remind us we are not lone fools in this world.

There are those whose compassion for the living is so profound that we are made aware of our own shallow aloofness of the same, and somehow we are changed.

Some are brave — so very brave — that most of us can scarcely fathom the inner strength those champions have harnessed. These warriors are seldom with us long enough to teach us what makes a hero, except through their final example.

Then, there are the penetrative individuals so full of life — the vibrant souls whose presence not even death can squelch. They splash vibrant color into our monochromatic worlds, challenging us to plunge head first into the pool of life. They manage to etch their ineradicable image on our hearts forever.

There are the sage, seasoned individuals, the experienced teachers, who put us back on course when we lose our way, as they have “been there” once or twice before.

Still there are the cherished, unassuming, precious loves of our life that determine perspective in our existence, those who ascertain what is important and what is fluff, those whose mere smile, voice, laughter or touch can establish all that is essential in this thing we call life.

There are those who break our hearts, who treat us rudely, violate our trust, lie to and about us, cheat, steal and insult our intelligence. These people are here to remind us of how not to act, how not to deal and how not to be remembered. Yet, in spite of their ugliness, they are not worthless. These are the ones who remind us that we need a savior. Jesus died for all. He died for those who are morally, ethically and mindfully bankrupt… as well as for the arrogant who believe they are above reproach. This is the magic of Christmas — the birth of the savior — one for all. The gift of salvation to the world: true, undeserved love and forgiveness.

Live well. We all make a difference in someone’s life. It’s better to make your influence a positive one. If you read this today, you are truly blessed as you are considered to be among the esteemed in this life by someone whose life you have most assuredly and positively touched.